a Possible Fate by HunterBahamut

a Possible Fate


6 January 2014 at 18:27:54 MST

We don't cry for the gods that die by our hands--
We throw stones if our gods take a stand
We create and destroy our stigmata martyrs.

~Stigmata Martyr - Abney Park

This is my picture for Halloween 2012.
Rather than go for something like monsters or demons or such, I wanted to delve into the realm of nightmares and play with something that kind of floats around in my head now and then: Bahamut's final fate.

This idea is based on something that happens in the video game 'Lunar: Silver Star Story', where the main baddies capture the four dragons in the world and essentially turn them into living batteries to fuel some war machine.
The idea of living, conscious creatures of power like dragons being bound and hooked up to have their very life drained from this is...really kinda creepy, and it is something rather horrifying for Bahamut.

The image itself is...okay. I had different ideas how I wanted to approach this, and having an image with a semi-transparent back seemed like a decent idea, but overall I do and don't like how it turned out.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Paint Tool SAI.

Bahamut and art are mine.

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