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Beatrice by Hukley



4 February 2014 at 22:50:57 MST

Here's a new character who will shortly appear in "Simon&Freddy" :)

Beatrice the Australian flying fox

Many thanks to Hlaoroo who's providing her Australina accent! :D (So he's technically the voice of Bea ;) )

Little interview:

Well, Hello Beatrice
G’day! Oh, and please j’st Bea. Oi feel so old when somebody calls me Beatrice.

OK, Bea then. Uhm... How old are you? I mean the grey hair and...
Woah! Never ask a lady ‘bout ‘er age... Or ‘er weight! Oi’m middle-aged. Let’s keep it that way. An’ that’s silver, not grey. It’s moi natural colour. ^^

So, you’re a bat, right?
Are you kiddin’ me? No! Oi’m an ‘Strayan Flyin’ Fox!

Oh, really? Nice Accent. I love Australia!
Yeah, I know. Moi ‘Strayan’s a bit rusty. But I get some ‘elp from an awesome vet-to-be.

Hey, that sounds great!
Yeah, right?

Alright, you’re a new character in “Simon&Freddy”...
Well, acshully, I’m a returnin’ character. I w’s away for 2 years to visit moi famly and to study some magic stuff.

OK, so tell us about your family.
Oh, there’s moi mum, moi two sisters, and my stepbrother. Lea, moi older sister, lives in India and Rea, moi younger sister, lives in Africa. They’re both very talented shaymans. And there’s moi stepbrother, Damien (a dingo) who lives in ‘Straya with moi mother

I see. So you visited India to study some voodoo and Indian magic. So, like in “Indiana Jones”, that soul devouring and heart-rip-out thing?
Uhm... This comic is PG, innit?

Oh, yes, sorry. So just the “normal” magic stuff like divination and so forth?
Yeah, j’st the “normal” stuff.

So you really like this magic and mystic stuff. Any other hobbies?
Oh, yeah! Oi’m a big fan of poetry an’ I really love readin’

OK, sounds good. Thank you very much for this short interview. Have a nice time!
Thanks! An’ if you have any other questions: j’st ask!

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