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River the aquadog (with story) by How2101 (critique requested)

River the aquadog (with story) (critique requested)


Employee id: STA11

Nickname designation (optional): River

Species: Aquadog (custom-made)

Park designation: Soaky Tails

Ranking: Lv. 4 Pet

Role: Host, customer satisfaction, General duty

Estimated Duration: Permanent

Employee Summary:

River, is a cheerful, frisky rubber aquadog Playmate. He's playful, outgoing, and extremely loyal to both the guests under his service and the park. He loves interacting with guests, especially giving kids rides on his back in the main swimming pool. He's equally beloved by guests, both kids and adults alike. His favorite activities are swimming races, listening to guest's stories, and hugging!

Very high loyalty rating, with many positive, affirming reviews from staff and guests (see document c for details). He has been approved for orienting and training new 'recruits' into Soaky Tails. Minimal risk of regression or erratic behavior.

River Orientation log

Brad knew he was in trouble.
Two security drones - silent, larger-than life figures with unsettling, painted-on grins and full-bodied, fox-themed rubber bodysuits - tightly gripped each of his arms. The surprisingly strong duo were easily dragging the small, brown-haired boy through the congested boardwalk that served as one of Soaky Tail’s major arteries.

Of course, being one of the most popular thoroughfares within the park, both sides were littered with an endless row of themed restaurants and pricey souvenir stores. Rows of giant, plush versions of the park’s famed animal employees sat proudly in shop windows, while real-life versions of them playfully interacted with guests, snapping pictures and cuddling with throngs of adoring kids. Even more could be seen behind store counters and waiting tables with vigor - otters, sharks, and fictional hybrids like the so-called “aquadog”, all keeping consistent with the park’s theme. Brad wondered to himself how the park managed to convince to many people to suit up in 90-degree weather, let alone maintain the boundless energy that they seemed to endlessly exhibit. He himself was baking from the heat, and he wasn’t even in one of those heavy, cumbersome costumes!

The seemingly unending positivity and politeness of the “Playmates”, as the employees were called, along with their rather ... unique design, had made Soaky tails and its adjoining parks famous. Sure, the rides and attractions were already some of the best in the business, but it was the rather bizarre suits that initially seized public attention.

Well, that and the controversy.

In the park’s early days, rumors had swirled about nefarious practices deep behind closed doors. Rumors about unethical experiments, and kidnapping visitors and civilians alike. Rumors about how the park’s entry prices were a bit too cheap. Rumors about where their real source of money comes from. Rumors that people never enter the rubber employee costumes willingly.

However, it was hard to argue against the undeniably chipper attitude the playmates themselves always expressed. Anytime one was asked, he or she would go on a ten-minute rave on how absolutely amazing the workplace culture was, followed by recommendations to work there themselves.

As the parks continued to gain mainstream acceptance, any critiques about ‘experiments’ or ‘ethics’ simply withered away on their own. The Playmates’ consistently upbeat, jolly attitudes won over most critics, and their playfulness was infectious to any guests entering the parks. Those rumors now only exist within the corners of the internet - and as a popular theme of the annual halloween festival.

And, while the strict rules and severe consequences for mischief listed in the entry form he signed did feel like serious overkill, the results spoke for themselves - Soaky tails was heralded one of the cleanest, safest parks in the world.

Of course, that was a lot easier to say before being forcibly apprehended by security for “running in a non-running zone”.

A third security drone strode ahead of him, ensuring a clear path through the massive mess of people.

“C’mon, guys, don’t you think this is a bit extreme?”

Sure, he was indeed caught running by one of the many massive swimming pools. Sure, he ignored the lifeguard’s warnings to settle down and walk. Sure, he may have told the lifeguard to do something considered inappropriate in a family-friendly park.

But did that really necessitate … this? A three-team security escort? Since when were parks so strict about enforcing the rules, anyways?

Brad did concede in his head that his inappropriate behavior could, perhaps, have even justified expelling him from the park.

So why, then, were they heading the exact opposite way?

Well, Brad was about to find out. Without warning, the escorts shifted from their perfectly straight march, turning left and proceeding into an adjoining alleyway smushed between an otter-themed burger joint and a public restroom - taking the struggling park guest with them. Their heavy footsteps were oddly quiet against the ground, emitting nothing more than a light squeak.

Without skipping a beat, the team led him through a wide gate marked ‘employees only’, down a small paved road, and quickly hustled the skinny man towards a complex of massive, unmarked warehouses. Behind him, the heavy gate rolled closed, officially cutting Brad off from the public view.

This was where he began to truly panic, pulling frantically against his captors in a desperate attempt to escape. This - This can’t be normal procedure! What was going on?!?

He cried for help, but his pleas received no response from the suited characters roaming around him. Brad was on his own, still kicking and squirming as the drones gently placed him on a cargo dock, right outside one of the looming steel structures.

Then, before he could react, a wet rag was placed over his mouth, and he passed out instantly.

Groggily, the young man awoke to find himself in a small, brightly-lit room, lying on a small metal bench. His clothes were gone, leaving him in nothing but his underwear. The room was completely unremarkable save for two distinctive features: a large, heavy suit of some kind hanging off one of the walls, and a thick glass window that stretched from floor to ceiling. On the other side of the window stood a rubbery anthro leopard seal wearing a flashy white sport jacket, flanked by two more of those security drones. The leopard seal began speaking in a bored, punctual manner, as if recalling a pre-recorded, memorized script.

“Mr. Brad, you have been accused and found guilty of multiple violations of our park’s code of conduct. Your punishment is simple: since you’ve been so eager to break our rules, you’ll be spending 90 days helping to reinforce them - as one of our loyal, hardworking pets. You’ll find your uniform already hanging from the wall, get suited up and we can begin your sentence.”

The young man picked up a glimmer of a smile forming on the seal’s lips, before turning his attention onto the suit hanging from the wall. It vaguely resembled a canine, but several things looked weirdly different - the colors were in different shades of blue, a huge, bulky aquatic tail ending in fins protruded from behind, and the suit was made entirely out of gleaming, polished rubber - looking concerningly similar to the costumes the employees were wearing out in the park itself.

Brad shouldn’t have been so surprised. The Playmates and rubber creatures were a common sight within the park - both employees and guests temporarily suited up simply for the fun of it. He should have guessed by simply due to the ratio of suited employees to normal ones that not every costume was a willing employment …

“This is … You can’t do this! This can’t be legal! What if I refuse?”

“We do have an option where you can simply pay a fine ... ”

The seal scribbled something down on a piece of paper and showed it to the infuriated man.

“This is how much you’d owe us … for damages, of course. ”

Brad gulped, his face turning pale. There was no way he could afford that! He shifted uncomfortably, vision switching from the dangling costume to the standing seal, whose grin slowly travelled up his face.

“If it helps you decide, Mr. Brad, you will be provided for during your stay here - and if you’re a good boy, even see some financial compensation and a more … permanent offer should you ever be interested …”

Brad shuddered at the thought. Who on earth would actively WANT to work in one of these things as a full-time job? They looked clumsy and cumbersome, and he could only shudder at the thought of spending a single hot, humid summer day crammed into that thing. No wonder they were strong-arming rule-breakers!

With a final sigh of concession, Brad reluctantly nodded. He didn’t have any other choice.

“Fine, I’ll take the job …”

“Wise choice!”

The leopard seal sat down in a posh leather chair, motioning towards the dangling suit.

“Just get into your uniform, and we can begin!”

Brad gulped, shying away from the dominating figure of the seal. Something about the suit made him hesitate … but he didn’t have a choice, did he? Accepting his fate, he trudged towards the awaiting canine costume before reaching out, grabbing it, and yoinking it off the hanger.

The suit was heavier than he thought - a lot heavier. Surprised, Brad stepped back, the suit crumpling to the floor. Wide, cartoonish eyes stared back at him from the headpiece, as if anticipating the coming suiting.

Burying his mounting regret, Brad grabbed the right leg of the costume, shakily sliding it up his own, naked foot. The bright blue, rubbery interior of the costume was wet, slimy, and shockingly cold to the touch, nearly causing Brad to instinctively yank his foot out. The thick, semi-liquid latex contracted and oozed around his immersed toes and heel, as if not wanting to let it go. This didn’t feel like any normal costume …

Another contraction slid his leg in farther, slimy cold rubber sliding against his bare skin. Brad’s concerns accumulated as his leg continued to slip deeper and deeper into the depths of the costume, the initial cold dissolving into a wet, disturbingly pleasant tingling sensation.

Hesitantly, he tried tugging at the suit’s padded limb, attempting to pull his own leg out. This felt increasingly wrong. This wasn’t an ordinary costume. Screw working here - he'd just rather pay the fine!

Without warning, the suit came alive. Rubbery arms wrapped around his remaining leg, forcing him to stumble backwards - right into the waiting costume. Slimy, gluey rubber enclosed his exposed back, propelling up and over his sides. Solid rubber paws grabbed Brad’s outstretched arms, guiding his hands into its thick, padded gooey mitts. Frantically, the man tried to struggle, but the suit was impossibly strong. All he could do was flail helplessly as his limbs disappeared beneath the rubbery skin of the suit.

Brad was completely restrained - his limbs were being smushed on all sides by sheer, heavy latex. Even flexing his hand was impossible - his fingers were tightly compressed within thick rubber casings.

The costume then reached out one of its paws, with Brad’s arm moving helplessly with it, and began working the big, comical zipper up over his belly. Seeing the window of his escape growing ever smaller, Brad fought all the harder, throwing his remaining energy into one final flight for freedom.

Yet the more he fought, the tighter the rubber squeezed - sending new, stimulating senses of pleasure with each rub and thrust. The thick liquid oozing within the squishy, slimy interior was reacting against his exposed skin - making Brad's sense of touch more and more sensitive to the rubbing and smearing of latex. His legs, first to be exposed to the liquid-coated insides, were now violently rubbing against each other in ecstasy, overwhelming Brad’s brain with sensations of thrilling euphoria.

Gah, it felt so, so good

Brad moaned, a mix of pain, panic, and pleasure. Resistance was slipping away, hesitation and fear being forcefully evicted from his brain by the sheer force of intoxicating submission.

His body was almost completely concealed beneath thick, padded rubber as the paw finished moving the zipper upwards, his human chest disappearing from view beneath the bright blue, slimy latex insides enveloping it.

“Hi there!”

Was … was that a voice?

Brad strained his ears, weakly trying to determine the voice’s direction amongst the looping feedback of static, glorious glee. “Wh … where?”

“I’m in your head, silly, I’m the suit! Though, those ears of yours ARE kind of washed up! I’m surprised you can hear anything at all with those sorry sacks of skin you call “ears” - what you need is some real, good canine hearing!”

“Need … hearing?”

Brad mumbled, staring up at the hovering canine mask above him. Lubricant dripped down onto his face, making his skin quiver with the desire to be hugged by the sweet, gripping embrace of gushy, blissful rubber. He could’ve sworn the mask’s eyes were staring back at him.

Of course, you silly sailor! There’s so much background noise at Soaky Tails - how else do you expect to pinpoint the requests of our guests in need?”

“Our … guests?”

Brad struggled with the voice’s words. Our guests? Well, he supposed he was working here now ... so of course they were!

The voice’s relentless, unending enthusiasm was contagious. Brad was slowly becoming more and more enthusiastic for his new job ... and more enthusiastic to be completely suited - to be completely merged with the talking costume. For a second the human seemed confused at the prospect, but as he mused over it in his head the idea seemed to make more and more sense. It felt natural. Right. Perfect.

The mask was more than happy to comply, rapidly lowering itself over Brad’s waiting head. The suit’s lower jaw swung downwards, fitting Brad’s face between his muzzle.

“I can’t wait to be working with you, I’m just gushing with excitement!”

“I can’t wait either!”

Brad found himself replying back with genuine passion. He could almost swear the big, bulky tail behind him was wagging zealously.

With a final nod of consent, the canine head clamped down, sealing Brad in darkness. A second later the rest of his senses blacked out, leaving him floating in an empty, blissful void. All he could feel is the squeaking and squealing of rubber, rubbing perpetually against his incredibly vulnerable flesh. He let out a little purr of stupefied bliss, able to do nothing but revel in the outpouring of affection he was receiving.

A bright light suddenly filled his vision, blinding him for a second. Brad winced as his eyes gradually became used to the light, revealing the same room he had been in all along - but through entirely new eyes.

His vision felt sharper, his senses more acute. Looking down at his hand, he could only see a thick, rubbery blue paw, shiny aqua-colored pawpads glimmering in the intense light. Brad flexed his hand, resisting the urge to break out into giggles as the flexible, light webbing slid against each other.

“Alrighty, friend! Let’s set sail out of here and see what we can do together!”

Brad sheepishly agreed, taking his first cautious step forwards - and instantly falling forwards, rubbery muzzle squishing against the floor with a loud squeak. The suit felt heavy and cumbersome, the thick, protective latex being both a blessing and a curse. It was so frustrating to move in, but it felt soooooo good …

“Oh dear! Are ya having trouble?”

Brad tried to clamber back on his feet, but succeeded in little more than squeaking and sliding around on the floor. He wasn’t used to digitigrade legs, and his stubby, sleek paws weren’t working the way he wanted them to.

Hmm, why don’t you let me take over while you get your sea legs? I’m super experienced!”

Brad blushed, his face turning a bright red. “Ah … uh … sure?” He hesitated for a solid moment, embarrassed both by his complete inability to stand and his increasing enjoyment of the sensation of his latex squeaking against the floor.

“Sure thing! Let’s go!”

With a leap and a jump, the suit leaped to its feet, dragging Brad along for the wide. Slimy latex caressed and squished against his limbs, propelling them along on their own free will.

Brad's blush turned into a grin, realising that nobody could see him inside the suit. Nobody would know just how much he was enjoying the rubbery pleasure! Despite how extremely embarrassing it was, there was something … enjoyable about letting someone else take the reins. About just being along for the ride.

The suit happily skipped outside the room, arriving in what appeared to be a large office. A projecting screen dominated one side of the room, while a conference table sat in the middle - along with the anthro leopard seal.

“I see you’re all suited up, pet.

Y - yes …” Brad blushed all the harder, feeling a rush of joy at the label of “pet”. He wasn’t sure why, but it sounded so …nice? The suit seemed to feel the same way. Brad could swear that he could sense the suit’s own emotions, its pleasure adding and mixing with his own. It was good to be a pet, wasn't it?

“Are you ready for your orientation?”

“Yes, Boss!”

Brad’s muffled voice was followed a second later by the suit’s own chirpy exclamation: “Sure thing, master!”

The seal grinned.

“Good, it appears like you could use a few lessons in team chemistry. How about you work on working together during the program?”

“Sure thing, boss!” This time, the two different voices were slightly closer together, but still producing a confusing mess.

“Not to worry, that’s what orientation is for! We’ll help you to team up yet, you’ll be a perfect employee in no time!”

With that, the seal stood up and left the room, leaving Brad and the suit to their own devices. The costumed man felt his hopes rise from his superior’s complement - it felt good to be praised by his betters! Maybe - maybe he could do this after all?

Something in him told him to sit down, which he obediently did despite having difficulty with accommodating the suit’s massive, finned tail.

Once he had finally made himself somewhat comfortable, the screen in front of him flared to life.

Welcome to Soaky Tails Water Park, new employee! Let’s begin your park integration!

A mix of a cheesy corporate slideshow and flashing hypnotic spirals began swarming across the screen. Brad had a moment of concern with the disturbing display, but it was washed away as he continued to stare at the dizzying colors and bright, colorful words. He couldn’t look away, the suit was just as entranced by the hypnotic show. Soaky Tails Water Park looked like so much fun! That's where … wait, that's where they were? Oh! Of course! That’s where he was supposed to be! After all, there was so much to help with! So many guests to serve … to obey …

Instructions, rules, and procedures were rapidly being glazed into his memory. The words were dancing across the screen nearly too fast for him to consciously read, but the suit’s subconscious was absorbing every last word. All he had to do was stare. Stare and consume whatever information the slides fed him with.

Obey. Listen. Accept.

Share everything. Your mind. Your body.

You own nothing that your suit does not. You are nothing without your suit.

Think as one.

Act as one.

You are your suit.

You are you.

Technical information also rushed into his mind - maps, graphs, instructions on maintenance and upkeep.

His duties were next - playmate.

They - no, We - work on the front lines of the park. Our goal is simple - keep the customer happy. We can be called to perform any number of specific roles, from food service to lifeguard duties. We do whatever our bosses - no, our masters tell us to. Their praise and acceptance, and the customer’s satisfaction, is all we desire. All we need. After all, the suits provide everything else - food, oxygen, sustenance. Our thick, sleek rubber uniforms can endure the most hazardous of conditions with ease. Plus, they’re perfect for squeaking, hugging, and playing in the pool with the kids!

Brad knew his duties as the spirals continued to flash - no, he knew his purpose. He wanted to serve the park, give everything he could to make it even just a little bit better.

Then a number appeared on the screen: STA11

Brad instinctively knew that it was his - no, it was him. It was his new identification tag. He was now officially cemented in company records as a new playmate, and the idea excited him.

Then, to his surprise, another id appeared: “River”

For a second, he was confused. Why did he need another id?

“Because it would be kind of weird for the customers to call us a number, you silly sailor! We need a name, something that the kids can call us!”

The suit’s logic seemed perfectly sound in Brad’s head. Of course! He felt a little flurry of embarrassed excitement - he admittedly liked the new name, and the suit - or rather, River - did too. That ‘s who they were. Who he was. He played the name over and over in his head, switching out his old name with his new one until it felt like the one he’d been born with his entire life.

With a final farewell song, the orientation ended, leaving Brad - no, River, to walk out of the room. He already knew what to do next - orientation had implanted it in his own consciousness.

He was half-guided, half-walked on his own to another large room, this one featuring a large, complex machine and booth in the middle. Two rubbery technicians, a fox and a smeargle, were tending to various mechanical equipment, while a rubbery, perky braxien wearing a white lab coat greeted him with open arms.

“Hello hello! Are you here for your uniform coating?”

River nodded eagerly. He couldn’t wait to have a uniform of his very own! He happily skipped over to the booth, not realizing that he was no longer considering the suit itself as a separate, distinct uniform - it felt more and more like his own skin. No, of course he hadn’t gotten his uniform yet!
Once he was happily situated inside the booth, the braxien signaled to the two technicians, glancing at the clipboard she was holding.

“Let’s see … name: ‘River’, species: aquadog, designation: soaky tails
playmate … aww, you're going to be absolutely adorable in that job!”

The technicians were furiously typing away at their computers, inputting data and tweaking endless lists of programming jargon. River found the procedure boring, jumping up and down with impatience. He wanted to get up and go, not sit around all day!

“ Let’s do this!” River yelped with excitement, suit and human mouths moving as one. Little by little, matching up movements was requiring less and less concentration as they became more and more inseparable.

Finally, the ring at the top of the booth began to move, circling downwards over his body. Dozens of small, intricate nozzles sprayed various colors in calculated, algorithmic patterns, forming the underlying coat of bright blue, quick-drying paint. A second row of nozzles added the uniform’s details, and a third group focused on applying the lettering the suit needed.

It was over in a few minutes. River looked down at himself, the glossy paint gleaming in the room’s bright lights. He was sporting a crisp, bright blue shirt with a clean, white collar. Light blue lines skimmed the surface of the paint, from the base of his collar down his sides and the front of his chest. The words “SOAKY TAILS” and STAFF” were proudly pressed onto his arms and legs, highly visible to showcase his status as a humble, dependable employee. To the left on his chest was the Soaky Tails logo, and paralleling it on the right was his id - STA11. It … was perfect!!!

“I love this!!” the aquadog said, squeezing his chest with all his might. He couldn’t be happier!

Excitedly, he thanked the employees over and over again before finally stepping outside the door, ready to meet his chain of command and begin his first assignment. He couldn’t wait!

River was a little bit nervous on the first day of his job manning one of the many water slides in the park, but his new, extroverted nature helped put him at ease. His old name His cheerful, playful nature was an absolute hit with the customers, and he even got his first cuddle!

The days turned into weeks, then into months, then became a disorganized blur. River didn’t need to concern himself with large, complex time spans, all he needed to know was the day to day plan - shift hours, park opening and closing, and routine task schedules, spoon-fed to him by his superiors.

The original 90-day deadline came and went, and River neither noticed nor cared. If the leopard seal had bothered to ask him about it, the aquadog would have simply given him a dopey, confused expression before carrying on with his work. Rather than impede a hardworking, content employee, the seal simply went ahead and stamped “permanent” over River’s employment status, and instructed his staff to overwrite any files on the aquadog employee before themselves being wiped clean of any conflicting memories. He was only River the aquadog to them - no more, no less.

River neither knew or cared what happened within the dusty, boring offices. All that stuffy business work sounded way too tedious and boring for him to bother thinking about. He was so thankful he had a boss like master seal to make all those boring, complex decisions for him, so he could do what he loved most - pleasing and entertaining the guests! He loved the feel of the wind and water splashing against his rubber skin, teaching the young kids how to swim like a fish, and eventually orienting new rubbery recruits into their new, absolutely perfect jobs!

On occasion he had to deal with troublemakers and disturbers of the peace: disobeying rules, causing mischief, or even worse, making his precious guests … unsatisfied!!

River felt both frustration and pity towards them. Those shameless shipmates, causing needless confusion and delay! Perhaps they just don’t know any better, they just needed proper training on being obedient - and Soaky Tails was all too happy to do so, how generous of them!

He grinned cheerfully to himself as he watched security taking another ruffian away to be enlightened on better behavior. This particular salty sailor had been caught with illegal booty - a bag of chips brought in from the outside. How awful! How dare he try and sabotage the success of the park by not purchasing the reasonably priced concessions? He was aware of the contraband the second his powerful nose picked up the unmistakable scent. River beamed with pride, overjoyed at his helpful contribution to the park’s integrity. He even got a long, heavenly belly rub as a reward!

Some human name kept annoyingly popping into his mind on occasion, but it was getting easier and easier to ignore it. Eventually, it stopped coming into his mind at all, and he forgot it ever existed. It was silly to think he was anything else! He was one identity. One cheerful rubber aquadog. One blissfully happy, obedient playmate.

He was River!