New Submission by How2101 (critique requested)

New Submission (critique requested)


11 June 2019 at 23:49:15 MDT

Hello, human. 

What are you doing in my humble little temple?  Usually your pathetic lack of muscles or willpower prevents any of your weak, lazy kind from ever reaching this place. 

Are you after fortune? Treasure? You must desire something here, because greed is the only motivation strong enough for your misreable species to ever do anything at all, let alone bother searching this potentially dangerous temple. 

I thought so, young human. 

While your human greed and corruption desecrates this sacred temple with its filth, I'll give you points for effort. You managed to find ME and avoid my booby traps.  

Not that I WANTED you to find me, of course . . . 

Now, human, there is no gold in these walls, nor anything your species consider "precious". You feeble humans only put value in feeble things, like "money" or "gold".  Rocks are rocks and paper is paper. I will never understand why humans lust after these items ...

No, I won't reward you with gold or money.  My reward for the perseverant is infinitely better, human. 

I can give you power. 

Wild, unshakeable power. Power beyond your wildest dreams. Beyond what any of your weak-minded species is even capable of imagining. 

Yes, human. I can see the greedy glint in your eyes. Just come closer, and I can give you this power. All you have to do is embrace me ... 

Except, human, you are not quite ready for power yet. If I gave you even the tiniest of specks of the power I'm going to bestow upon you now, your pathetic human body would explode like a fireworks display of your internal organs, and while amusing, would be VERY hard to clean. 

With new power comes a new body.  I have one waiting for you, human. Take the costume. Take the power.  Embrace it. Feel it. love it!!! 

I can see you are hesitant, human?  You seem to be resisting the gift I am giving you. 

Why are humans this way? Refusing to accept an attempt to better their worthless lives, to make them infinitely better than the pathetic species they were before?  The human part of you is scared, fearful of change. 

No, this won't do at all!  

I see now,  With new power comes a new body, human . .. and with a new body must come a new mind. MY mind. 

After all, it seems like only I can truly wield these unfathomable powers. It's obvious you are destined to be nothing more than a pawn, my new host ...

Oh, you're struggling harder now. Figures.

Don't worry human, I'll take good care of you while you serve as my new host.  I can take those nasty, filthy human desires and emotions away and leave nothing but simple bliss. After all, it's so, so much easier to be happy when all of your complicated, unachievable human goals and dreams are condensed and fused into one easy, simple desire! 

I can do that for you, human. Take away your stress, your fears, your worries. Leave behind nothing but the desire to serve, and the endless joy of endlessly fulfilling that desire. 

Let go of your fears, human. Let go of your stress. Your emotions. Your memories. Let them all fade into ashes and dust . . . 

Let go of your pain. Your suffering. Your very thoughts. Make your mind nothing but a blank slate, a slate for me to write on. All you need is one thought, to be the best host you can be. And you're already doing that, aren't you, host? 

I am your master now. I am your feelings. Your thoughts. Your desires. Your memories. I am YOU.  

You are nothing but an extension of my body. You are nothing but instinct, a muscular response to my thoughts. And you will be happy to do so, in an eternal state of bliss for serving your master well. 

And, my dear ex-human, that is the best kind of reward there is!       

My half of an art trade with hypnosiswolf  of his character corrupted hypnosis finding a poor new soul to inhabit!  (who happens to be another one of his characters, Argo)  

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