Rubber pet by How2101

Rubber pet


3 May 2019 at 00:07:26 MDT

Hello, human. 

You look lost.  What are you doing out here at this hour? 

Do you have a home? Shelter? Do you need someone to take care of you? 

Hmm, you look decent enough, human. Yes, I think I can adopt you!  How'd you like to be my pet? 

Aw, don't worry! All pets can be a bit nervous at first. There's nothing to fear!  Let's just get a proper costume on you, shall we?  

After all, we can't have pets without the proper "uniform"!  Don't worry, I have just the suit on hand! 

Stop squirming!  Just try to relax. Just relax . . .   relax as the uniform slowly wraps itself around your limbs, coaxing them inside. 

Relax as the rubber tightly squeezes against your skin, sending increasingly pleasant tingling sensations up your nervous system. Feels good, doesn't it? 

Relax as the zipper closes itself around your chest, constricting tightly yet comfortably against your torso. You don't have to do anything, human. No resistance. Resistance is so tiring, isn't it, human?  The rubber is already so tightly wrapped around your limbs that even the slightest movement is near impossible without my permisson, let alone any pathetic resistance you can muster. 

But why would you want to resist, anyways?  The rubber feels too good, too . . . intoxicating. Just rest. Let the suit move for you. You no longer have to do anything, human.

Hmm, still some hesitation, pet? 

Don't worry. I can certainly fix that! I'll just fit the canine harness around your head - complete with ears and your very own muzzle!  Don't fret, it's a lot more comfortable than it looks! 

Just sit and relax, human. Just breathe deeply, breathe in the intoxicatingly pleasant, hazy air inside the muzzle. Your head may begin to get a little foggy. Embrace it. You don't need a clear head anymore, pet! 

Now the fogginess is beginning to increase. With each passing second, with each intoxicating breath of the sickeningly sweet air of the muzzle, your memories get a little more distant. More clouded. More hazy, like they're just some distant dream . . .  

They are a distant dream. 

In fact, they were simply a bad nightmare.  You don't want to be human, pet. Why be one of those worthless wretches when you can be my little puppy?  I am releasing you, pet. Releasing you from the stress, the worries that come from existing as one of those misreable species. 

For as my pet, you don't need to think or ponder or remember. All you need to do is obey, and immerse yourself in the great rewards your master will provide in return. 

So, human, you are released. 

You are pet. 

You are mine. 

You have always been mine and will always be mine. 

You are obedient. Your sole and only purpose in life is to make me happy. 

Got it? 


Now let's head home, pet. Once we're there I can teach you a few basic tricks! 

Good boy! 

Art piece by me!  Comments and critiques appreciated :) 


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