Speed by How2101 (critique requested)

Speed (critique requested)


12 March 2019 at 16:44:38 MDT

Hello, human.

I can tell what you desire.


To be faster than everyone. To be the fastest human in the world.

What a weak, simple mind!

I can give you that. But I can do so, so much more. I laugh at your petty goals! Be the fastest human in the world? To only be the fastest of this sluggish, pathetic species??

Foolish, pitiful human! Your species is a JOKE when it comes to speed! Nothing but crawling vermin who can barely beat a snail. Simply be the fastest of these pathetic creatures??

You actually make me pity your wretched existence. I can sense your ambition. Your DESIRE. You want better. Better than the feeble limits your frail bodies can provide.

I can provide that for you. SPEED. I can make you faster than those lame, puny humans. Faster than their technology. Faster than the wind. Faster even than sound.

I can make you as fast as lightning itself.

All you have to do is put me on. Accept me. Embrace me.

I, too, long for speed, to once again run with the power of lightning in my paws. But I can't. I'm only a simple costume, cursed by those who lusted, desired, and envied my unfathomable agility.

I believe a partnership can be reached, human. You can see how desperate I am, reaching out to a wretched species like yours despite the power I contain. And you, too, are desperate, desperate to shake the restraints of your fragile, flimsy human body and become something GREATER.

So embrace me, human. Put me on and forfeit your humanity. You no longer need it. You're better than them, anyways.


See, Isn't that better? Can't you feel the power? The raw energy beginning to awake within, coursing in your veins? This is just the tip of my awesome power, human. Our body needs to be changed to truly embrace our power. Your human body, even inside my own, is not quite . . . ready yet. But that will soon change! Now, let us become one! Let us embrace our unstoppable power!

Let us run!

Finally, a new art piece! Part 1 of an intended series.

I had a full-fledged story for this, but it was deleted when my computer froze, thus I wrote this quick version because I didn't feel like typing it again.

Comments and critiques appreciated!

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