The New Recruit by How2101

The New Recruit


25 January 2019 at 22:35:41 MST

Ah! Why, hello there! You must be the new maid!

You don't need to know my name. It won't really matter, anyways. I'm the head butler here at the house and in charge of the new recruits. And you're a new recruit, so get hopping!

Come right on in and I'll show you around your new home.

Oh, don't be alarmed! Every member of the staff lives here, ready to be on call 24/7! After all, serving our master is our only purpose. Once you're fully integrated here, you'll find that, like the rest of us, you'll have neither the ability nor the desire to leave this house unless master commands it.

Yes, I do believe I said that right. You aren't leaving the house for a long, long time. It's not a housemaid's place to work outside, after all!

Hmm, . . . such a whiny attitude! Why are all you humans so resistant to the best job ever?

But enough talk! Let's get you into your suit! Hmm, a little resistant? Don't worry, our lovely suits are programmed to put themselves on you, and stay that way permanently!

So while you're ahem getting dressed, let's discuss the rules around this place.

  1. Always wear the suit.

The master has strict consequences for those caught around here without their suit on. Although it's not like you can take it off anyways!

  1. Always obey the master, no matter what the task.

  2. If the master is not around, then you must obey me at all times. Just call me "Assistant master", or "Assistant" if you're in a hurry.

4.Embrace the suit. Feel how comfortable it is.

  1. feel the pleasure tingling through your veins as the suit consumes your measly human body.

  2. Do not resist the suit.

  3. Do not DESIRE to resist the suit.

  4. Do not desire to do anything other than the chores assigned to you.

  5. Desire your master's praise.

  6. Desire your master's love.

  7. Your master's wish is your command.

  8. Your master's wants are your wants.

  9. Your master's needs are your needs.

So, I see you're struggling to understand these new rules, are you? While the suit pounds them into your brain, I'll read the rest. Follow and obey them exactly and to the letter.

  1. forget your memories.

  2. Forget your friends.

  3. Forget your family. WE are your family now.

  4. Forget your future. your only future is with us.

  5. Forget your past. You never were a pitiful human at all. You are an anthro rubber fox maid. You always were one from the moment our master graciously brought you into existence. You owe everything to him. You cannot live without him.

19: Forget your present. Just stop thinking. I will handle all the hard, stressful thinking for you. All you need to do is DO. Only the head butler can think and have thoughts.

All you need to do is embrace the gift your generous master has given you. Embrace the rubber just as the rubber has embraced YOU.

Some of the job benefits here include no longer being shackled to the chains of food, water or air, unlike those pathetic human bodies. We do not need to breathe nor eat nor sleep. All we need to do is server our master.

So stop breathing.

do not breathe.

The rubber will breathe for you, just as it will handle the thinking for you.

Good girl!

Now, since you're no longer confined by free thought, there is no need to learn anything. The suit has programmed your duties into you.

Your first task is to clean the kitchen, using your specially designed tail to sweep and mop. It's a mess after that big party last night! You will find the necessary additional supplies in the closet.

Make your master proud!

My latest art piece! Criticism and comments appreciated! Hope you enjoy! :)

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