A new pet by How2101 (critique requested)

A new pet (critique requested)


8 November 2018 at 12:05:03 MST

Human, you are utterly pathetic. Having to rely on such burdening "necessities" like water, food, and breathing . . . how do you even manage to survive the length of your severely limited lifespans?

Don't worry, though . . . I'll take pity on your weak, fragile flesh and share my gift with you. After all, not needing a heart doesn't mean I don't have one!

I'll kindly rid you of the useless burden that you call a body as a favor. In return, all I humbly ask in return is that you be mine . . . forever. For the rest of our near-immortal lifespans.

Ugh, you humans really are unbelievable. I'm making you unfathomably better and all you can do is whine. "Please!" "No!" "I don't wanna be enslaved to you forever!"

"Enslaved" is a harsh word to describe it. I'd like to think of you more as a . . . "pet."

Ugh. More complaining? Let's just shut you up, shall we?

There we go, let's cover that whining maw with a few layers of goo. Tilt your head back until you swallow. Let's get that goo inside you! Let's have it Start converting some of those needless organs into something more important.

There, doesn't that feel better already? The pleasant sensation of the goo coursing through your veins?

You enjoy it, I can tell. Your brain is already beginning to conform to my desires even as I have yet to cover the rest of your weak little body in refreshing rubber.

There's no point in resisting. Just relax.


There's no happiness if you resist! I'm trying to make you happy, by simplifying your deepest desires into one, easily attainable goal, to please me!

I can see it in your face. I'm winning.

As more and more of your human self disappears underneath layers and layers of latex, you begin to realize the truth. You can't fight me.

You can't win, human. Like I said, I am superior in every way.

But I'm giving you a chance, a chance to be strong. A chance to discard your old, pathetic human body and become something MORE.

I can already see improvements in your body! Thick, gooey claws beginning to form, teeth growing inside your new muzzle.

I will give you power. The power that only we can possess!

Don't worry, I won't harm you. Not one bit. I'll raise you as my own, my loyal puppy.

I can see you're beginning to calm down. You're beginning to see things my way, aren't you?

The transformation is almost complete, I can see your human self slowly bulging and twisting underneath the thick, gooey rubber. It's changing your internal form before it disappears forever. Something more suitable for a lycanroc like me.

Now it is done. There, wasn't it better than you thought?

You can already feel the power rippling through you, pure, raw, unabated POWER that you could never even imagine to possess in your old, weak form.

It's not that strong yet, though. It's new, along with you. It needs to be coerced out, strengthened and transformed into an unstoppable power over time. You'll need to train. A lot.

Fear not, my loyal puppy, I will be your guide. I will be your mentor. I will be your MASTER.

And you will be mine. My immortal, powerful pet, loyal to the end and beyond.

My rubber rockruff.

Art by me! Comments, critiques, and faves appreciated!

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