DE "Fervor" Demolition/Heavy Gunner by Horsesergal34

DE "Fervor" Demolition/Heavy Gunner


13 December 2013 at 20:29:33 MST

Current Specialist for the DE Army, The "Fervor" Demolition Expert & Heavy Gunner, handles most special operations that the DE Army comes across.

Equipment on the soldier's helmet help to increase survivability during hazardous tasks. These include AVD, CRB Modules, EvA ID Sys, Headlight, Comm Antennae, Built-In Respirator and Extended Neckguards to help prevent decapitation in the event of an Anti-Infantry Mine blowing up in the soldier's face.

Arm and Shoulder Armour have added protection from larger caliber weapons in the form of the Dragonscale Armour Plates, Built-in Handlights reduce the need for flashlights attached to the weapon of choice and leave room for other modules and Combat TacDisplays help the soldier make sense of the ever-flowing combat situations around him.

On the Frontal Armour there's additional LED Lights built into the chest armour in the event of either excessively heavy smoke or other Lights not operating properly, Dragonscale Armour to protect from large caliber weapons and a personal MedKit in case of injury.

Back Armour only contains a UDP for either Demolitions equipment or a SMRG-2 Anti-Tank Weapon.

Located on the Waist is additional armour plates for... Well, you know.

Armour on the Legs has a Hydraulic Assisted Movement System to help the soldier move without the weight of the Armour wearing him down.

EvA ID Sys, AVD, Dragonscale Armour, UDP, SMRG-2 and artwork © Horsesergal34

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(Art made in November 2013)

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