DE Fast Attack Boat "Piranha II" by Horsesergal34

DE Fast Attack Boat "Piranha II"


22 August 2013 at 00:08:33 MDT

The primary vessel for attacking along rivers or deploying Nightstalkers into enemy territory, the "Piranha II" Fast Attack Boat has enough firepower to temporarily hold a beachhead, drive off small forces or harass river defenses.

Being a Fast Attack Boat, it has quick-firing and large weapons, like these offensive-based weapons. AIGs, MRL, and a Small STS/SAC. For defensive purposes, it has Kevlar/Rubber sides and Life-rafts. Other items include AVD, Turbofans and Comm Arrays.

Equipment list: MRL, AIG, AVD, Life-rafts, STS/SAC, Comm Arrays and Turbofans.

Crew Requirements: 9 various crew members.

AVD, STS/SAC, AIG and Artwork © Horsesergal34

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(Art made in December 2012)