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Horizon Project: Acronyms and Abbreviations / Part 1 by Horsesergal34

Horizon Project: Acronyms and Abbreviations / Part 1


AVD : Advanced Visual Displays

(Cameras mounted on the exterior of the craft to act much like a fly's eye, and give vision around the craft without taking away from the structure's strength)

AA : Anti-Aircraft

(Anything concerning fighting against aircraft or small craft or the equipment that is used against them)

J/C Engines : Jet/Crystal Engines

(Dectrose Empire technology using Jet fuel and Reactive crystals to propel a craft forward, the jet's heat causing the crystals to heat up and react in a controlled explosive manner, giving tremendous speed and velocity)

AS : AirSlip engines

(Meralis Republic technology of fuelless craft, AirSlip engines only require electricity to compress air into a very concentrated stream that enters through the front of the craft and exits as an extremely compressed stream out of the back and propels a craft forward)

SA : Spaced Armour

(Originally used against artillery, Spaced Armour adds armour a slight distance from the vehicle in order to protect it from Small arms, Shrapnel and some High Explosive Anti-Tank weapons.)

AVDAI : ADVanced Artificial Intelligence

(A drone/droid/interface that has the intelligence equal to a high IQ human, performing tasks and calculations at a supercomputer speed and having the ability to have personalities and learn new subjects)

RA : Reactive Armour

(Explosive boxes placed on the exterior of a craft to defend against Anti-Tank weapons, the boxes explode when the weapon hits the box and prevents the destruction of the craft)

TD : Tank Destroyer

(Vehicles that are designed to assault and destroy tanks, but have no turret and are weak in close combat)

VTOL : Vertical TakeOff and Landing

(Adjustable jet nozzles that allow a craft to take off vertically and adjust again to propel a craft forward)

CP : Crystal/Plasma engine

(An engine system allowing for a more concentrated use of the reactive crystal's power, while allowing for high maneuverability with the Crystal/Plasma engine system)

ADJA : AdvanceD Jamming Array

(An advanced version of the jamming array, this system uses several different frequency antennas to defeat communication across a broad spectrum)

ACA : Advanced Communication Array

(Allows a craft to communicate over longer distances, and gives the ability to encode messages. Often used to allow command to issue orders directly to the unit)

CAS : Close Air Support

(When an aircraft works closely with anouther group of craft or infantry to support against enemy craft or infantry)

UGB : UnGuided Bomb

(A free fall bomb that detonates on impact)

ASM : Anti-Ship Missile

(A missile designed to destroy enemy naval ships)

AL : AutoLoader

(A drum canister for tanks that allows rapid succession of fire, but with a long reload)

HMG : Heavy Machine Gun

(Large caliber machine gun for anti-infantry and anti-vehicle purposes)

MIGs : Missile Interception Guns

(Defensive armaments to prevent missiles, rockets or space-bourne torpedos from striking the craft)

AAM : Anti-Aircraft Missiles

(Missiles designed to destroy aircraft)

WVE : Water Vortex Engine

(Technology allowing a submarine to use the movement of water over propellers and the concentration of water exiting the submarine to power and propel the submarine)

TTS : Tri-Track System

(A system for ground vehicles to use two exterior tracks and a middle track to stabilize a craft)

AMS : Anti-Missile System

(Meralis Republic technology allowing for defense versus enemy rockets and missiles)

SAAM : Semi-Active Anti-aircraft Missiles

(Allows for long-range, guided missile attacks from an aircraft to an enemy aircraft)

ATGM : Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

(Missiles launched from an aircraft to destroy tanks and other vehicles at long range)

ADVDCA : Advanced Digital Communications Array

(Dectrose Empire naval technology allowing a digital 360° view around the ship)

STS : Ship To Ship

(Guns and cannons designed to combat enemy ships and spacecraft)

RC : Rocket Cannon

(A cannon designed to fire a two-stage projectile, the first stage firing the projectile out of the cannon and the second stage firing a rocket on the end of the projectile for the greatest kinetic damage possible)

ASW : Anti-Submarine Weapon

(Weapons designed to combat and destroy enemy submarines)

T/P : Thermal/Plasma engines

(Engines made to combat heat-seeking weapons by using thermal and plasma engines for a cold, yet powerful propulsion system)

AVDSG : AdVanceD Smart Glass

(Glass with nanotechnology for a multitude of civilian purposes, from tinting to projecting office information)

ULFRD : Ultra Low Frequency Radar Dish

(A Radar Dish that scans for craft and can detect stealth craft by using ultra-low frequencies)

AX-RSS : Active X-Ray Scanning Sphere

(A scanning device that uses X-rays to investigate and search the contents of a craft)

LRAD : Long Range Acoustic Device

(An acoustic devise used to scare off wildlife or used against people in riot control by using high-pitched noise)

SAC : Shore Attack Cannon

(A gun used on naval units to assist in amphibious invasions or to attack ground targets near the water)

BSSA : Broad Spectrum Scanning Array

(A system that scans across the spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet to search and lock targets)

AIG : Anti-Infantry Guns

(Guns designed to attack and kill infantry, typically used on crafts)

AMBF : Adjustable Magnetic Bonding Fields

(A system to connect and hold together structures quickly and allows for custom configurations)

T-BRD : Titanium-Bar Reinforced Duracrete

(A mixture of elements to increase a structure's integrity. Typically used in military structures)

TRCC : Titanium Reinforced Crew Compartment

(Increases survivability and increases a vehicle's durability)

RAAM : Repeating Anti-Air Missile launcher

(Acts much like a Gatling Gun but with missiles, allowing for saturation of the air against aircraft)

LR-BSSA : Long-Range Broad Spectrum Scanning Array

(A long range variant of the BSSA)

CMDAVD : CoMmanD Advanced Visual Display

(A long range, multi-spectrum variant of the AVD commonly used in Command Vehicles)

ACAA : Airbourne Command Antennae Array

(Communication arrays allowing command units on the ground to command and control Aircraft)

MCB: Modulated Cargo Bay

(Customizable cargo bay for a multitude of different uses)

P-PSP : Palm-Print Security Pad

(Secruity pad that scans a palm and allows for better security)

HDP : Heat Diffusion Ports

(Allows for a colder infrared signature)

SACRD : Spacecraft Advanced Control Rotating Dish

(Allows command units on a planet to order in orbital bombardments and request assistance)

IDEAI : InDEpendant Artificial Intelligence
(Allows for placement of 'Wolf Spider' AA Turrets, and let them operate independently and with better performance without human interferance)

DEB : Directed EMP Burst
(Dectrose Empire technology in use with the 'Breakdown' EMP Turret for focused EMP burts on a target)

CBR : Chemical/Biological/Radioactive
(Used in conjunction with infantry helmets, it protects the user from Chemical or Biological attacks, and protects from Radioactive materials)

EvA : Enemy vs Allies
(A System used in Infantry Helmets and Vehicle AVD, Highlighting Friends and Foes in the heat of battle)

CQC : Close Quarters Combat
(Essentially hand-to-hand combat, Knifes, pistols and melee weapons are used in this type of combat)

CQB : Close Quarters Battle
(Not close enough for hand-to-hand, most weapons used in this are Pistols and SMGs)

GEY : General Earth Years
(System of counting the dates of certain events in common Earth Years)

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