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I'll Be Good To No One (I'll Be Your Girl For A Season) by HoneyNutFemios

I'll Be Good To No One (I'll Be Your Girl For A Season)


Miyako and Art belongs to me
Yukimura, Izana, and Zola belong to Nintendo

OLD Description:
I am pushing a project I had aside because I noticed my shading style for my Tumblr sideblog character profiles in the style of Soul Killur while giving it my own spin is probably why my tablet pen is slowly eating away at itself in the long run. So I started a new picture series. It’s a three parter based on the seasons? Why three? Because I HATE WINTER. I started with spring and the easiest person to pinpoint to was none other than Izana himself.

I decided I shall post this series here as well as Tumblr. I think it is no surprise it was based on two things.

First: <- This bad song from Grease 2. Let me be honest. I know this is a cash grab from the original Grease. However, there are at least two songs I can think I can name in the soundtrack I can find pretty cool. I don’t think this song is one of them. It is too corny that I can’t take it seriously. It is tacky but I can’t help but like what they tried to go for.

Second: <- I swear to God. This musical number and the iconic outfit of the singer in this movie is a growing meme on Furaffinity. I have seen at least one or two artists try to draw their fursona sing to this song, I can’t blame them. It is a good musical number and it happens to have furries in it. I am not going to stop them from making this a thing. Hell, I decided to join in just because I like that musical number as well!

I was debating between two versions of the posing for these guys and which one I’d do first. However, instead I worked on both at the same time by making burlesque outfits inspired by the seasons and putting Fire Emblem Fates characters in them.

This is the conclusion. My Fan!Corrin, Miyako pops up as a cameo. Thank you for letting me upload this.

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