New Chibi Base :: $5 / 500 points by honesty

New Chibi Base :: $5 / 500 points


22 May 2016 at 15:42:19 MDT

[This is a completely random new base that has nothing to do with the previous ones]

[This is just a more affordable base for people to purchase!]
[This is not the free base for previous buyers, as this base has nothing to do with the previous]
[That one is still to come!]

So I had some files sitting around today and I decided I'd doodle up a base for you guys,
it includes, 11 hairs, 11 clothes, 7 misc, 10 tails, 10 ears, 7 noses, 7 mouths, 2 sets of eyes + eye shading,
4 types of brows, color pallet shapes, and a front and back.

This will not be an updated base unless there is popular demand for me to add an item,
or you can separately commission me for private layers, in which we will discuss pricing there as well.

This base is not for trade, I will not lower the price, and I will not give it to you for free for any reason.


x. You may not sell / give out this base, if someone wants it, you will link them to this image.
x. You may not share this base, if you have two people using the same account it must be bought by both people.
x. You must give credit when using this base.
x. Do not claim this base to be your own work / Trace it.
x. You MAY frankendoll with only MY bases! (Meaning, use parts of MY other bases for this base!)
x. You MAY use it for commissions, reference sheets, personal art, requests, gifts, adoptables whatever you want.
x. You do not have to ask if you can purchase this, or use it for x reason unless it's not listed above.

Have fun with this base, you can pay in points on the side, OR you can reply below to my featured comment
with "I want to purchase this with cash!", and I'll note you the drop box link.

The base is $5 / 500:points:, no higher, no lower!

Thanks so much for your interest in this base!
Yes, the free base and the new base is coming, do not ask about it here, this base is unrelated, thank you!

Photoshop and SAI, I do not know if PAINT or GIMP or ANY OTHER PROGRAMS WILL RUN
THESE FILE TYPES, do not ask me, I do not know!