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adoptable set [sold]


7 February 2016 at 17:49:53 MST

Another set of cockatrice adoptables from Wherwell Cockatrice Rescue! You can read about the rescue and the species over here (link), as well as getting first chance at the batches by following that blog.

Each design has two price tiers: the lower comes with the design and fullsize of the original image, the higher with the design, fullsize of original, and choice of either a full reference sheet (example link) or a sketchsheet (example link). Listed prices are in USD. If interested in either, just comment to claim. Adoptables can be changed and traded by the buyer, but may not be resold.

  • 1 - Soda (sold)
    Soda came from a large farm setting, and we recommend anyone thinking of taking her home have about the same accommodations. Soda stands at about four and a half feet, and isn’t afraid to use her size to get what she wants. This, combined with the many quills covering her, makes her a bit of a hassle in small spaces. Not to mention the exorbitant amount of time she likes to spend running and jumping on literally everything.

  • 2 - Bleep (sold)
    Named for the constant beeping and honking noises he makes, Bleep is a smaller cockatrice who was surrendered after his family needed to move houses. He suffers from separation anxiety due to it and has a few compulsive behaviors, including tail-biting and over-preening, but would make for a loving and mild-mannered pet for a patient adopter willing to work with him.

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    I'll take Soda for $35!

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      Sure thing! I'll note you here in a sec.