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LOL oops by Hlavco

LOL oops


Okay, so I'm kinda stupid. For the last, uh... twelve years at least, I've thought that my difficulty in drawing smooth lines on a tablet came from having an unsteady hand or gripping the pen too hard.

It turns out that it was just because my tablet has a different aspect ratio than my screen, and I had not turned on the setting that compensates for that, so I've spent this whole time trying to draw in a way that was not a 1:1 ratio to what my hand was actually doing.

Case in point: The accompanying quick doodle was drawn, colored, and shaded faster than it would normally take me to just get a decent set of lines.

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    I've never been able to use a drawing tablet, or any touch screen device for that matter due to a combination of being VERY heavy-handed (last time I tried to use a tablet-like device I broken it just from the pressure of my hand. I've snapped many a pencil and pen in half and torn even heavy-duty card stock while drawing over the years. All my art supplies have to be extremely durable because of this.) AND a rare condition that not much is known about that causes sensitive electronics to glitch out when I touch them. My uncle has it too and so did my grandmother.

    My only guess as to why keyboards and mice aren't effected is because they're insulated by plastic.

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      Wait, there's a Wikipedia article for the streetlight thing? I thought that was just my imagination, or some sort of motion detector on the streetlights, because it's bizarre how often they turn off when I go for walks at night.

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        So you have it too? Do battery-powered watches (analogue, digital, smart, etc.) stop working after a week or so of wearing them?

        (Annoyingly it's REALLY hard to find videos/documentaries that don't heavily focus on supernatural stuff, like ghosts or aliens. As a person of science I'm inclined to believe there MUST be a scientific explanation.)

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          Nah, I've never had problems with portable electronics (though I haven't owned a watch since I was a kid). It's only the streetlights that I've noticed.

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            Hmm...that may just be a coincidence then.