Stacy Faye Edward - Design Sketch by HirokoTheHedgehog

Stacy Faye Edward - Design Sketch


14 July 2016 at 22:44:20 MDT

"A quick sketch I did of ParadoxGatita's character, Stacy Faye Edward, who is the adoptive sister of our character, Charles "Blood" Martin Edward I, since while Kitty has had the character for a while, we've never really tried to put the design on paper until now.

Stacy is the same age as Blood, and was physically paralyzed from the waist down by him when she was 16. She'd be one of the few victims left alive by Blood, when he executed his plan to kill off the head and heirs of his adoptive family and disable Stacy and their mother to inherit the Edward family's fortune as soon as possible, since, being the adopted one, Blood was technically last in line to inherit; behind Stacy, Vincent, and Damian.

Recently we've entertained the idea of pairing Stacy up with wakeupthedead's Taku Chichester, so that motivated us to actually draw Stacy to see how they'd look together, lol.

So yeah. I'm thinking of coming back to this to clean it up and color it properly, but for now, I just wanted to help Kitty get a sketch done of their character. So, that's about it, enjoy!"

Stacy Faye Edward belongs to Kitty.
Art belongs to me.
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