OC Art R1 5 - Charlotte Martha Edward I by HirokoTheHedgehog

OC Art R1 5 - Charlotte Martha Edward I


27 June 2016 at 22:40:47 MDT

"Day 5: Draw OC as a different sex/gender presentation.

Just so happens that I've already created such a character for Blood, in the form of Charlotte Martha Edward I. She is a cis female version of Charles "Blood" Martin Edward from a different AU.

She...also seems drastically different than her cis male counterpart, at least on the surface. Thematically speaking, they're still fairly similar: due to gender roles present in their lives growing up in the Edward mansion, Charles overcompensates for his masculinity by looking more "brutish" and "wild," while Charlotte overcompensates for her femininity by adopting the princess-like look and embracing her feminine charms (...or at the very least is a lot more vocal and open about her sexuality than Charles is). Despite this, both have some aspects of "the other"--Charlotte is still a rather brutish person, while Charles has some strange fondness for hairpins that he can't quite explain.

Both are still shamelessly lustful, bloodthirsty butterfly demons with a bit of a flare for the dramatics and an obsession with science and experimenting, and really long hair. And both have a rather large soft spot for a certain Aki Chichester.

This drawing isn't quite Charlotte's usual appearance. She usually has her wavy hair in tight curls, but her hair looks nice with her curls undone.

Um, that's about it. Enjoy."

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