Nadia Jae's Ref by Hensa

Nadia Jae's Ref


24 January 2014 at 19:56:02 MST

My new babe, Nadia Jae or "Jae" for short. (pronounced "jay")
She's a German Shepherd/Wild Dog who doesnt concern herself with most everything.
She'll keep to herself, speak when spoken to. She's a deep thinker and borderline narcoleptic. Appears aloof despite being hyper aware of a given situation.

Lives in a rickety, but cozy tree house deep in the woods. Her tree is decorated with windchimes composed of broken colored bottles hanging from the branches. Bees wax candles litter her little home, filling the air surrounding with the faint scent of honey. The lights make her fort a beacon for travelers, whom she welcomes for a safe place to rest among a menagerie of homemade blankets, intricately painted walls and warm tea. She's miles and miles outside the city where you'd find Hensa, but I fully intent for their paths to cross.

I intended to add more to this reference page, but i have too much work to do and I wanna get it up here.
Ill update it later.

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