Late Night Rendezvous by HelzimGiger

Late Night Rendezvous


23 December 2018 at 18:58:27 MST

Miyuki and Akira both work long hours at demanding jobs, but fortunately for them both their schedules still more or less line up. They're no strangers to surprises needing to extend their shifts, they take pride in their work and gladly stay to ensure it's done right, but it doesn't mean they don't miss each other. However, they've made a sort of ritual when they know the other may be late that whomever is home early makes a surprise for the other to welcome them home. Tonight, Akira is the lucky lady who has something special in store for her. I wonder what it is that Miyuki sent her?

Art by fa!Lysergide over on his Patreon
Miyuki and Akira © HelzimGiger HelzimGiger

Original art can be found here.