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Drocelle Reference Sheet by heavenlycondemned

Drocelle Reference Sheet


Name: Drocelle
Nickname: Drell
Age: 223
Gender: Female
Species: Eeldog
Height: 5'6"
Weight: N/A
Element: Psychic/Ice/Hailstorm
Mate: Osu Minori

Background: Drocelle was born into a working/farming family. But at her family was never financially poor and always had enough to keep the family fed and the farm tended to. She was always a dare devil and tomboy of sorts and loved to roughhouse. She usually worked the fields and did the heavy lifting while her cousin would do the easy part of planting the seeds and did the easier chores.

When the war broke out Drocelle and her cousin enlisted. But with Autumns poor attention span and weak stature he did not make the cut. So Drocelle promised him, that she would work twice as hard to make up for Autumn unable to join the military. In her speed training she met Osu, a former prince. They both made good training partners and rivals. When she learned of his heritage she not daunted by this but instead, would tease him and push to train harder. Drocelle loved a challenge and she could see it in Osu.

As training went by they became close friends and worked together as a team during the war. During said war Osu had been taken captive and tortured and Drocelle took it upon herself find and retrieve Osu from said enemy. It took her a long while to find him and save him from his captives. She did not expect to find him in a cave. But as her last attempt she thought to why not try the improbable for it may highly be the possible. And upon that try she found him and saved him, although it had some reprocautions from her daring deed it was well worth saving her best friend.

After the war Drocelle does suffer from minor PTSD but it is manageable, especially with the help of Osu and Autumn.

Character belongs to HeavenlyConemned
Species + ref base belongs to KingOfMaggots

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