Velociraptor comparison 2002-2013 by HAZARD

Velociraptor comparison 2002-2013


21 January 2014 at 17:25:09 MST

So, I was digging through my memory tub(a plastic tub of things my mom saved from school and baby things and achievements, pictures, etc) and I came across an old drawing on a piece of stock board. When I looked at it longer the pose of this dinosaur as well as angle and surrounding(sorta) looked really familiar! Shit! looked exactly like the painting I did this year.

I remember seeing artists redoing old pictures they did, and I had been wanting to do that for awhile. Apparently my subconscious remembered this image and wanted me to redraw it. So apparently this is the image I chose...all psychic like.

Most of the old drawing I did in 2002 was based off of 's vision of how velociraptor looked well as going off her studies from that time. At that time I didn't know specifics on location, except desert setting with cliffs....cause my vision of the dinosaur world was based on other people's perspectives. As well as walking with dinosaur or any dinosaur movie I could get a hold of.

2013 I went off more accurate studies as well as my own interpretation and also did research on the location and fossils. Also throw in a few years studying bird activity/behavior/anatomy, thanks to taxidermy and you get the guy on the bottom.

I think I might frame the top one like I have the bottom, and when I feel a little down about my art and it's improvement or any sort of self conscious about how others think it looks, I can look at these two and realize how much I improved in around 10-11 yrs. What I also learned between that time as's quite a lot when you think about it.

Not sure if this will inspire anyone else, but it's nice for me to take a step back and look at the whole picture and not just focus on that small little part of my overall work.