Alas poor Mantis HEA calls you by hattonslayden

Alas poor Mantis HEA calls you


16 May 2015 at 18:02:53 MDT

Head Eaters Anonymous:

Shesheik: Wait! WHAT?! No i DON'T have a problem THANK YOU very much....i can stop ANY time i want......nomnomnomnomnomnom.....just not right now.....SHUT UP!


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    A gal needs her calcium.

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    She looks like such a psycho in that second panel! xD

    Also your "Head Eaters Anonymous" comment was the icing of the cake.

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      ;) though i should of called it
      Head Eaters Anonymous Directory .....HEAD

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    Lol that is both cute and very disturbing XD

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    I doubt she'd like the taste of him once she bites in.