poison predator by hattonslayden

poison predator


6 December 2014 at 14:12:13 MST

more design work on Tora Madu sister of Tora Madara


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    Suddenly, I've lyrics spinning in my head for her..she'd make one hell of an antithesis against her sister.

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      oh boy just wait until i develop her sister

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        Here in the shadows, you death is now near. Tis not the plants that you should fear. Her
        poisons and daggers, your life they will take, your dying death wails, her hunger will sate,
        turn back young traveler before it's to late.

        Fear, these woods, fear them aloud, stay out of the shadow's for fear of death's shroud.
        She hungers for blood, she hungers for pain, she hungers for death, her personal gain
        Run away child, run away fast, to meet with her. Your life will not last, fear the shadows.
        For your death is near. It wasn't the plants you needed to fear

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          that is PERFECT!!

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            It pales in comparison to your rendered work but, it seemed fitting.