Azula expressions by hattonslayden

Azula expressions


30 December 2015 at 12:15:06 MST


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    You and WhiteMantis WhiteMantis totally gotta do a collab sometime~ ;D

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      sorry to disappoint you but she has made it painfully clear she sees me as far too inferior an individual, as both a human being AND as an artist

      if you remember her character Saa, when she was just making her up she came to me with the offer of doing a collaboration or one of my characters (Adrian smith) and her character (she also promised gifts as well) then as soon as i finished the first part of it and sent the psd off to her she told me that her characters were "just too precious" and thew out the collab. as you have seen she has collabed with others right after that WITH Saa

      she of course as always will say the she is an innocent victim and tell you whatever she can to make me the bad guy here. she has been doing that to me publicly and privately for three years but is STILL attacking me on all her sites saying the i am the one who took advantage of her even though she has made no effort on her part

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        That's one of the biggest reasons why I stopped watching her everywhere...I don't like how she does/see's things. I for one think you are an amazing artist and you do a wonderful job with everything. But then again, some people are just to set in their ways and can't see for having their eye's closed.

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          pardon my flabbergast but i am always surprised when someone takes my side on any issue.

          thank you for the vote of confidence, and for enjoying my work

          i hope that if i ever become popular i do not destroy myself as a human being like i have seen happen

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            Well, in my personally opinion, telling someone that they are not "worthy" (I chuckled typing that) of drawing one of their characters with a human character (be it male or female) is a bit of a single minded thought process. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you should just downright hate someone or turn them down on something for it.

            I mean I don't like a few things myself but if I was an artist and another artist approached me with the offer of a collab piece, I wouldn't turn them down despite what I thought because I'd be more interested in trying to build a relationship with that person (as a friend and possibly someone to turn to for collab's and such in the future).

            But yeah, everything you've done I've enjoyed. Your art style is unique and well done, not to mention you draw a very convincing story in everything I've seen =3

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              oh there is a lot more than just that one part
              many MANY lies and double standards and always spin doctoring everything so that she is the "victim"

              you must have noticed how she always plays up the "everyone is picking on me and i am so innocent and perfect"

              i don't think we had a single conversion were she did NOT play that card even when we were suppose to be talking about just layer techniques

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                I only chatted with her one time on FA through a comment. I have talked to a couple of people on my skype today that have tried to talk to her through notes and a few of them have said she's tried to play that card.

                Hate to tell her, no one is perfect and if they think they are, there is something wrong imo lol

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                  yeah and she came to me with the collaboration idea with the intent "her words" of being a human male anthro female image. so she had always intended to not go through with it when she offered

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    She's pretty. ^_^ Hope you have a happy new year.

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      thank you very much and the same to you too ;)