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Its not all in your head by Hashire

Its not all in your head


Mental Health Awareness 2015

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    Yes thank you! I have undiagnosed issues that people honestly poo-poo away like they're nothing... I have very bad ADHD (like, I'm textbook) and I think I have a form of BPD (Bipolar Personality Disorder). It's a struggled to keep on task, tackle my goals, and sometimes even get up in the mornings.

    And I personally know several people with anxiety disorders, a few of which are mild, others to the point of xenophobia or crippled by the loss of an object that keeps them calm (like a music player). It's nothing to laugh at or dismiss, these are real people with real disorders that need care and attention, just like when someone has a flu and you encourage them to eat soup and rest. Mental disorders need to be addressed and taken care of--and in the meantime, validating the people who have them.

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      Exactly. I have severe ADD. Ive been taking prescription amphetamines every day for the last 3 years and I cant function like a normal human being without them. Before I took them, I couldnt even drive without spacing out and not realizing it until I was in the grass. I've lost jobs over it, you name it. Since ive been on adderall, my quality of life has significantly improved. While I agree that ADD/ADHD are severely overdiagnosed in children, in adults it can be a pretty serious job-costing serious...and it deserves more research than it has.
      I also suffer from diagnosed clinical depression and mild to moderate anxiety. Therapy and self healing through books and other methods I use to keep myself calm do help, but its unfortunately not enough. Sadly, research for mental health rarely goes beyond pharmaceuticals, and (as the book im reading now currently states) prescription antidepressants are the equivalent of putting a bandaid on a broken arm and wishing for the best. Do they work for many people? Absolutely! but unfortunately not for everyone even with the massive variety of antidepressants that exist (im a Certified pharmacy tech and ive personally put my hands on every antidepressant/ anti anxiety/ anti psychotic known to man and its practically half the fucking pharmacy...) Most antidepressants work to numb the problem instead of fix it...while there are success stories, most people dont stop taking antidepressants without falling back into the same old shit. The brain deserves the same level of care that the rest of the body get better treatment and are taken much more seriously for the common cold than mental illness...
      like my old therapist told me "Unfortunately, mental health is so underfunded...because the only people who take it seriously are those who treat it, and even those who treat it arent taken seriously." its a damn shame..educating the public and validating those who suffer in silence is the only way to get out of this rut society seems to have fallen into.