Brief Moment of Peace by Harmaahalla

Brief Moment of Peace


30 October 2015 at 13:59:10 MDT

An rpg related more or less official pairing between my Sarah and Jugres Morty. Damn I love this couple. Where Sarah is an official worker in the ranks of inquisition - Morty is a werewolf and she should be more into arresting or killing him rather than having a relationship with him. And same goes the other way. Instead against all odds they end up together in some twisted sort of relationship where no one is safe and anything can happen. Both are extremely jealous about their lovers too and watching everything the other one does in fear of betraying each other.

And yet I wanted to draw the cuddling and being all cute and stuff!

Art © Harmaahalla / Saaga M.
Sarah Mortis © Harmaahalla / Saaga M.
Mortgomery Eldridge © Jugre
Multiple references were used in making of this picture for the pose and to correct anatomy.
SAI & PhotoshopWacom Tablet6 hours ◈ 1600x1080 px

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    This is SO beautiful!
    I'd love to see my Xanthia in your style! <3

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      Thanks so much! :3
      If you have a good refrence for your Xanthia and a request in mind I think I could draw them if I have some spare time. Just note me the details! n__n

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        Really? That would be s awesome! X3
        Sending you a note in a second.