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Elissa the Rabitian by Halcy0n

Elissa the Rabitian


This was a character made for an online roleplaying campaign that sadly only had one game. It's tough to get five or six working adults in different parts of the world together for an online game.

From my friends racial description: "Rabitians were created by a capricious and childlishly cruel fae, when she decided to make a group of humans look more rabbit-like (to make them cuter). The humans, not terribly happy with this, attempted to attack her, resulting in her removing their limbs to prevent them from taking up arms against her without killing or harming them. The residual magic used to transform them left most of these folk with a minor ability to use magic, and since they now needed to use this magic to continue life, the curse has strengthened to the point they are no longer human and have become fey themselves, with talent at using magic naturally."

I rolled this one up as a healer, but she didn't get much chance to do anything except meet up with the other characters and get acquainted before we had to stop and we never had another chance to start again.

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