Beef (or Chicken) Fried Rice by HaileyRidenow

Beef (or Chicken) Fried Rice


16 February 2013 at 14:27:42 MST

So for dinner this evening, I pulled a beef fried rice recipe out of my behind.

First I prepared the rice. I pulled it out of the rice cooker and set it on a plate to cool because you would usually use leftover rice that has been in the fridge which changes the texture. If you use hot cooked rice it will usually result in the rice becoming soggy after you add it to the mixture. While you wait, this would be a good time to slice your vegetables. Any will do. I used carrots, mushrooms (diced), sugar snap peas (fresh, cut in half), and sweet peppers. I also used peas but those were frozen and obviously don't need to be sliced. It is a good idea to rinse them in a strainer and give them time to thaw.

I then cooked the ground hamburger, drained most of the grease except for a couple of tablespoons, and set it aside in it's pan which will be used later to combine the ingredients.

Next, I scrambled some eggs and placed them on a paper plate to the side so I could use their pan to saute' my veggies in a bit of olive oil with cumin, two cloves of garlic (grated), ground cayenne pepper, onion powder, and a bit of ginger (grated).

While I allowed my veggies to have time to get to the texture I wanted, I added the rice and eggs to the hamburger (do not do this while they are on a heated burner. I used one burner for this whole process and there is no reason to keep the prepared ingredients on heat. You risk overcooking.)

After the vegetables are ready to be added, I move the mixture to the heated burner and begin to add soy sauce and white rice vinegar a little at a time until I am pleased with the flavor and the amount of richness to the rice. I also tend to add more spices from the previous list, as well as salt and pepper.

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