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Copic Marker Noodle Dragons by GuineaPigDan

Copic Marker Noodle Dragons


Here's even more copic marker artwork! Originally I was going to try and fit all three of my dragons onto one page. But after I did my copic drawings of Pepper and Chuck in which I drew them on separate sheets of bristol paper and then combined them digitally, I decided to do the same and draw each dragon on a separate sheet of paper so I could make them bigger. I first did rough doodles in my sketchbook of what I wanted each pose to be (I may upload those into my scraps later) and then redrew and refined them on bristol, finishing with them being inked and colored. Hwang is trying to balance several bowls of haejang-guk aka hangover soup, Basho is ready to sing karaoke and is trying to look cool to his audience, and Yan is spinning a PlayStation controller on his finger like it's a basketball (probably waiting for his friend James the red panda to join him). I'm pretty happy with how these turned out.

Edit: I posted my original sketchbook doodles of these poses on my twitter here.


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    People when they see Basho: FRIDAH FUNKINH