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Bedfellows puppet test animation by GuineaPigDan

Bedfellows puppet test animation


Just so no one is confused, I do not work for Bedfellows, and I didn't draw this puppet (although I did draw some extra mouth shapes and arms). The puppet was given to me by Kris Patrick.

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I have a second test with Fatigue now!

To see this scene in context, you can see part of the storyboard on the Bedfellows website, and vote for it if you'd actually like to see it become an episode. If not, it'll be made into a comic instead.

Their series on You Tube can be seen here.

Also, don't forget that their creator Kris Patrick is on Furaffinity as well! The voice was done by Sean Chiplock, aka PommyN64

Sound version on Deviant Art:

My animatic for this test with sound on Deviant Art:

I've been working on my Bedfellows puppet test since I got out of school (since I no longer have any school work to worry about, I can finally concentrate on getting this done) and I've just been refining this more and more. I'm now confident enough to post this online, although I'll make more improvements as I get more feedback and get better at working in Flash. If there's anything you think can be done better on this, feel free to let me know.

Thanks to my classmates AJ627, Spencer Bingham, and the Bedfellows new animator Notorious84 for all their advice and help for me.

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    The animation looks great, I actualy have to ask do you do the actual animation for them its that good XD

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      No, I don't work for Bedfellows. You can see who's behind the Bedfellows in this journal. Kris Patrick needed a new animator back in April and I volunteered, but I was too busy in school to finish my test quick enough, and Notorious84 got the position instead (who, by the way, has animated some really hilarious stuff which you can see here However, I was told that if I did well on it I could be a backup/fill in animator when things got too busy for them.

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        OH now i rember ha i seen that first one you did before now that i think about it, At least you have the time now you clearly have the talent to do the animation

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    Wow, this is some really smooth animation. I especially like how you did the mouth movements.

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      Thanks. That was one of the toughest parts for me.