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Ben the Dragon in Earthbound Zero style by GuineaPigDan

Ben the Dragon in Earthbound Zero style


Some birthday art for WatchOutForDragons aka Ben the dragon! I always thought Ben would look really funny in the style of the dragon from Earthbound Zero (aka MOTHER, or Earthbound Beginnings). And while I don't know how to do pixel art, I instead did a quick, goofy looking doodle in Sketchbook Pro. -EDIT 5/20/2022 I now know how to do pixel art. - Could Domino the guinea pig, Rockie the raccoon, and Tyler the thylacine actually stand a chance in a battle against Ben with no psychic powers? Pfft, of course not. They'd all be dragon food.

Thanks to Earthbound Central for providing the EB0 font. I used the one called "Wisdom of the World."

And here's a WIP sketch on my twitter, with a comparison to the original dragon sprite from Earthbound Zero. It's strange that EB0 has enemy sprites that look scary or dangerous, but for some reason the dragon looks more friendly rather than threatening. Also, it seems to have legs but no arms.