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I Heart Bellies Button by GuineaPigDan

I Heart Bellies Button


11 October 2019 at 11:29:09 MDT

EDIT 10/23/2019, I've changed the design on the button to be more centered, so I've changed the purchase links below to the new design.

Here's another button I've designed for Pacific Anthro Weekend. A few years ago I tried to make some "I heart bellies" pins on Cafe Press but for some reason, they were rejected. Now I'm trying again, and this time I have a new design with Tyler the thylacine on it! Show you appreciation for cute, chubby characters with these belly buttons (get it?)

Mini button ($1.99 plus shipping),480554789
2.25 inch button ($3.99 plus shipping),480554790
3.5 inch button ($5.99 plus shipping),480554791
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