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Bedfellows test animatic by GuineaPigDan

Bedfellows test animatic


Press F5 to see updated version.

Sigh, I guess Weasyl doesn't handle sound in Flash files well. You can hear the version with sound here on my Deviant Art.

A while ago, Shenanigans, the creator of the webcomic and animated webseries The Bedfellows, said he needed a new animator. I was one of the people that volunteered, and he sent me a test puppet to animate. Unfortunately I got way too busy in school to finish the test (graduation is soon, and I had to finish two huge essays for my semiotics and history of western civilization classes). Even though Shenanigans got a new animator already, he understood I was busy and said it would be ok if I wanted to give the test a try anyway. I could use some more material to put into a demo reel, so I'm going to give it a shot!

I drew this rough animatic of Sheen to plan out how I want the scene to look. In a few days I hope I'll get the puppet animation finished and posted, although the puppet probably won't be as smoothly animated as this. If anyone has any critiques, please let me know! And if there are any other artists seeing this that also volunteered, I'd be interested in seeing what other people did with their tests too!

Bedfellows belongs to Kris Patrick, voice by Sean Chiplock, aka Pommyn64 (I had to listen to this clip a million times while working on this. It never gets old!)

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