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Gorochu Strikes Back by GuineaPigDan

Gorochu Strikes Back


25 June 2019 at 17:33:00 MDT

Original Gorochu sketch:

Last year, Ken Sugimori and several other developers of Pokémon revealed that Pikachu had a second evolution named Gorochu that was removed from Gen 1 for balancing purposes. But what would happen if Gorochu was finally unleashed onto the newer generations of Pokémon, still fighting with unbalanced, broken Gen 1 gameplay and full of resentment for being left out of Red and Green? I imagine even the most powerful Pokémon could not grasp the true form of Gorochu's attacks, and it would devastate competitive play. Hopefully Gamefreak uses their better judgement and not unleash this monstrosity in Sword and Shield or any other future Pokémon game.

I started drawing this last year (yeah, I procrastinated finishing this for a long time) so the recently leaked back sprite of Gorochu from a beta of Red and Green didn't influence how I drew Gorochu.

Gorochu's stats
Attack: 666
Defense: 666
Speed: 666
Special: 666*
*Remember special attack and defense were the same stat before being split in gen II, though in this case it probably doesn't make much of a difference!