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Peter the cat preaches true Catholicism (PARODY) by GuineaPigDan

Peter the cat preaches true Catholicism (PARODY)


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Make sure You Tube annotations are turned on!

Time for another fursuit You Tube video! I'm having trouble trying to embed the video to Weasyl, so here's a link to it instead. Protestant fundamentalists like Ray Comfort and Ken Ham get roasted all the time on the web. So instead of mocking them for the millionth time, I decided to go after a different group of fundamentalist crazies, the segment of Catholics that think their own pope is a phoney. Except Peter the monk cat here goes a bit farther than most other "sedevacantists" (Catholics that believe there's no valid pope) would go.

Fursuit head by LunoVulpes LunoVulpes.
Also thanks to WaxBadger WaxBadger for cleaning the audio once again.