Happy 2nd Birthday, Sky by GTHusky

Happy 2nd Birthday, Sky


30 January 2019 at 00:04:50 MST

Dedicated to my precious Sky-sky <3 Because no one but you sits by my side everyday. No one but you brings joy to my life. Because no one but you is incapable of under-appreciating, lying and hurting me. Because no one but you is capable of overlooking my defects, the main of which is being this hairless ape. Because no one but you knows the true meaning of friendship. No matter how terrible the day might be, you are always there, with the purest of intentions; the purest of heart. Your kind inspired and gave birth to my Evos; what they are. And now they welcome you into their world; your world.

Happy birthday, my sweet puppy!

"Oh! What is this, Husky?"
"Look at you, Sky! You're all grown up now! Happy birthday! This is the second year since you were born. The second year that you've been with us in Canis Major. And most importantly, the second year since you saved Canis Minor. Your brave efforts will forever be remembered, my dear sister. That little five-month-old Evo pup who flew that ship across the universe in order to save her kind..."
"Husky, it's... okay. It was my duty..."
"It is our duty as Evos, Sky. Don't you see it? To protect our own. To survive as one... You don't have to know it. It is embedded in your genetic code.. In all of us. We love you... Thank you..."

I plan big changes to my story... My Sky has done so much for me; even giving me the inspiration to find that change that D.E1 and Husky needed. Hopefully I can work on it sometime...

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