Chakootoa by GSellers (critique requested)

Chakootoa (critique requested)


16 January 2017 at 19:20:54 MST

This is the Chakootoa. It's the most foul tempered, most dangerous herbivore on the planet Tashoo. The Chakootoa is known to charge anything simply because it didn't like the smell or of a sudden, expected movement. To get an idea as to the temperament of the Chakootoa, imagine a 3 meter tall White Rhinoceros. There are four known species of the Chakootoa ranging in size from 200 cm to 300 cm in height at the shoulder. Each species is about 25 cm taller than the next smaller one. Each species also have a different number of horns, ranging from four pair on the smallest species to two pair on this the largest species; they also have different color patterns but, like all mammals on Tashoo, the fur is of varying shades of red. This particular species is known as the Chakootoa watsoni. It's named after the first Terran human to ever see one, Lt. Commander William H. Watson, ITN. The length of the fur evolved because two of the three predators, the Mory (a bi-pedal feline) and the Akootona (a quadruped feline believed to be the animal the Mory evolved from), have extra long canines. It's difficult to ascertain if the extra long fur evolved because of the extra long canines of its two main predators of if the extra long canines evolved because of the long fur.

This drawing was done by the artist, Bonesmirk (

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