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Angry - by Stigmata by GrowlingMadGulo

Angry - by Stigmata


15 February 2013 at 20:21:40 MST

By the artistic genius that is stigmata, the beginning of the fury storm.


It is awesome. Pure. Fucking. Awesome.

I want this as my desktop... No, I want this blown up, printed, framed and hanging over my fireplace or in my front hall fully lit.

It is so graphic and intense that I cannot stop looking at it. To me, it seems more like a modern animal piece than a piece of furry art and to me, that is both special and very rare, and it is why I want this on my wall. I do not display furry art publicly, but this, this I would be proud to display and show to people who are not furry. This is not furry, it is fury. It is fury captured through a beast, and no beast quite embodies fury like the Wolverine. On top of that, the piece fits who I am very, very well. It is a truly beautiful representation of a great part of my inner-self.

Yeah, my own comments on the original pretty much sum up what I feel about this work of genius. Love it.

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