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Egghead Birthday by Groods

Egghead Birthday


I accidentally learned that yesterday was mortisreptus mortisreptus's birthday oops! So I threw together a quick doodle of his actual active character instead of long-retired one. Mortimer is a fun egghead terrier. I don't know why the baseball bat though, it just happened.
Also eyeball collar yes.

Character © mortisreptus
art by me

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    Oh gah thank you! I really love the pose! He looks so bad ass. Probably gonna use that bat to whack some assholes... And the scars are fine! He actually has them on his design. I really need to make an updated reference for him, speaking of! I especially love how you did his feet and that you included his wrist tats! They get missed a lot. Thank you again aaaa. Do you have this on Tumblr so I can reblog?

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      Oh nice, I must just not have noticed them! And I'm glad you like it, happy birthday over there!
      24's not so bad. Just carry a big baseball bat and keep your candy corn socks on hand and you'll be prepared

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        Thank you! I guess not, but leave it to me to have an existential crisis and feel like an old fart. :P
        Also mind if I add this to my collections?

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          Oh sure! No I definitely get it, I turned 27 like four and a half months ago and it was like oh. Oh. OH. oh.