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Congrats on 200k, ExMo Community!~ by GriffinPhillis

Congrats on 200k, ExMo Community!~


15 June 2021 at 21:25:03 MDT

On Deviantart: Congrats on 200k, ExMo Community!~
On Furaffinity: Congrats on 200k, ExMo Community!~
On FurryNetwork: FN - Artwork - Congrats on 200k, ExMo Community!~
On Twitter:

Gosh, it's nice to be posting some art again. @.=.@
Now, I haven't really shown this part of me here on my socials just yet, but it's an important part of who I am, especially nowadays!
I've only been an exmo fur for around 2 years, just about, but yeah! The reddit community for exmos has really been a nice place of news, stories, super juicy memes, and just good overall support. It's all a very handy thing, too, for those going through something as hard as a faith crisis. It was certainly a rough time for me, but simply just browsing the reddit community gave me some reassurance of my sanity during those hard times. xvx
So, since they'd finally reached 200k members over there, I drew something for the occasion! Yeh~ <3

Here we have myself hugging a sweet lil' baby tapir! Tapirs have a particular reputation in the exmo community, reason being~... ;P
Also, THEY'RE SO CUTE AS BABS!!! Their spots and stripes look so pretty! Q Q

But yeah, that's about it, I suppose. More art's on the way in the coming weeks, too, so keep an eye out! Thanks for looking~ 💚

And here's my post of this on the reddit down below, as well, for anyone interested! Upvotes over there are appreciated~ uvu

Griffin and art (c) GriffinPhillis GriffinPhillis