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Night of the Werewire by GreySummers

Night of the Werewire


——Story Preview——

You reach up… No. You reach up. Again, you think the command to lift your arm. Your shoulder moves sluggishly, but you cannot seem to make the rest of the limb continue. Somehow, you’ve been strapped down, tied helplessly to the soft surface.

Before you cast it aside, you can enjoy the colors a second longer. They’re so bright and vibrant and enthralling and beautiful and deep and completing and forceful and… and… and you can’t stop staring yet— just a few more seconds.

Why push it away? The plug seems so perfectly fit for your face. Your hands keep the tunnel away, lifted carefully from your skin. You hold it suspended; you feel yourself suspended. It was foolish. You aren’t falling down the tunnel. How can you fall down something above you? No, the wire hanging from the ceiling can hold you, lift you. Hung by the plug, you could float weightlessly; adrift and empty.

That inch between you and the object, it seems a void so painfully empty. You squeeze the flexible rubber… and shove the plug onto your face.


Bones follow the fur, snapping with electrical pops as they reshape. You watch through the haze as your limbs stretch and lengthen, becoming clawed and lanky, with monstrously oversized hands and paw-pads. Sharp, dangerous points punctuate each finger, dangerous and crackling with arcs of lightning. With these new claws, you try again to remove the plug, only bending the rubber. How foolish to think it would grant you tools with which to defeat it. As impressive as these new limbs are, manipulating them soon proves too tiring, and they fall limp at your sides, knees bent and loose.

The last changes center on your nether regions. You groan, half with pleasure and half with discomfort as parts pull inward. Soon, smooth flesh covers everything below the belt. A fluff of pink fur covers the spot, hiding even the slight bulge now occupying the space.

Hand exploring the changes, you press at the spot. It sends tingles through you, the touch satisfying and pleasurable. Relishing the sensation, you continue but quickly find the feeling plateauing. No matter how you touch, it can only bring you to that stopping point. The wire wants you to enjoy your new form, but still rely solely on it for satisfaction and heights.

Like a puppet on strings, your limbs carry you from your apartment, crackles of electricity creating sounds that mock speech. You almost consider resisting, exerting your will to see which is stronger. Though you already know the answer. Those colors only shine brighter, pulse faster. A final string seems to descend onto the puppet that is you, coiling around your brain and feeding you but one thought: Obey, Serve.

A new experiment for me. This is one of my first real attempts at making some art for my story. It’s certainly not a developed skill, but I took my time and am happy with the result. I really like the werewire look and colors, so I hope I did it justice.

On the writing front, I wanted to play around with several gimmicks and techniques, hopefully to improve and enhance the story. I also wanted to go deeper into some good-old-fashioned mind control, who doesn’t love losing all thought and will.

Obviously, werewires are the property of Toby Fox and Deltarune.

Please comment with any thoughts or criticism.
Thanks for reading!