Journey of Souls and the Demigod by Gregory the Goat

Journey of Souls and the Demigod

Gregory the Goat

21 April 2018 at 06:30:21 MDT

Angelpatamon is a Demigod of very Dangerous but can also be very beautiful. Its mystical Sublime and Aura is formally noticeable, which also Man must remember on the Rock before the Demigod, since the Souls of all dead beings rise up and impute to him and gather themselves in his Hand.
Most People have been Crushed under the Paws of the Demigod or Devoured by him.
His orbital ship also hovers in orbit before the moon, waiting for the return of his ruler and master.

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Angelpatamon©by Vercursar
Art©by GrandTaurus
Digimon©by Tōei Animation