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Pony Adopt by Greenflame

Pony Adopt


18 October 2016 at 00:46:50 MDT

So I have made up my mind to sell this cutie ^w^
She is a Alicorn that was born as a Earth Pony but did some great things to get her horn and wings (You can make up the back story) She comes with a Feral Ref sheet, Anthro Ref sheet, and a View of her as a young earth pony (Before she gets her cutie mark) If she gets to $60 I will do a Head shot and Booty Icon, if AB I will add a Bust and Potato YCH (Link- ) ^w^ Please Reply to my Comment~ (I can also add NSFW parts for the winner if wanted)
Base by partywithmaracas

SB: $20
AB: $100 (I can wish lol)
Min: $2

♥ Payment due within 24 hrs of winning/claiming Spot.
♥ All sales are final there will be no refunds of any kind.
♥ When bidding/claiming please do not be rude to others interested or to other bidders that will get you barred from buying from me.
♥ If you are unable to pay within the time frame given you will loose your chance and the Spot will either go to the previous bidder to you or will reopen at the base bidding/buying price.
♥ If you have questions please ask before you purchase the spot do not claim and then back out because you were unsure of something.
♥ No hiding bids/claims if you are unsure do not make the comment if you are caught you will be barred from buying from me in the future.

Got the rules from kiyakittensaito my Friend!~

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