Sacre Coward by Grebij

Sacre Coward


7 November 2014 at 21:13:05 MST

A view from some stairs leading toward Sacre Couer in Paris. I thought it would be a more interesting picture to rip off than this present result suggests. If I have some more coherent days in the future I will make a better representation since it was rather memorable, compared to some other absurdly over-hyped things I saw while there.

As for the imp near the lower edge, you cannot claim that this thing does not deserve to have something bad happen to it. I shall lay out the reasons:
It is meeply
it is yellow
it has really stupid looking ears
it has no toes, just feet
it also has no nose.
We cannot just ALLOW that. You can be certain it had a great big smile just moments before it realized that bowling ball was coming. It was probably stomping up the stairs like it owned the place (it does not own the place). If nothing else, my drawing attention to this matter justifies the upload.

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    I love the mood of this! It has really great colors and perspective.

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    The colors in this are quite good. Also, yes, it seems to be a study that you have added to: A gargoyle thing, a pine cone, and an impending accident.

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      From my point of view, that is no accident.

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        I guess is its divine will, or perhaps infernal, depending on how you perceive yourself.