Tandy Cougar by Gravewalker

Tandy Cougar


28 June 2014 at 20:30:20 MDT

During last month when I was heavily depressed, I decided to use my skills to try and make a really good doll. The way I'd been seeing them in my head and sketches. "Tandy" came as close as I could for her size! And aside from a few things I want to add once I get materials (she needs whiskers! :D) I'm enormously pleased with her. I actually coinflipped to make her a boy or girl, since it's sort of a basic shape.

I'm sorry but at this time I don't have the skill to really take commissions for dolls. I may make my own and sell them later!

She'll be with me at anthrocon, being a table sitter. And with her own mini-sketchbook and badges! Because I like tiny things. I may even commission/trade folks to make her tiny badges while I'm there haha

Mostly crochet, with some of my own techniques for 'sculpting' the legs and face. Jewelry is bone, brass and wood. I even made the little coat (needs some buttons, omg where do I find teeny buttons)

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