2019 is Year of the Mushroom! by gravelbeast

2019 is Year of the Mushroom!


4 June 2019 at 20:00:08 MDT

I've been so enjoying Mycotae's "Mayshroom" artwork, I wanted to do a quick little homage to them! Their art is so whimsical and amazing, and I tell you what I've learned a whole lot about varieties of mushrooms I've never heard of before. I love art that's beautiful and teaches me things!!! Mayshroom may be over, but 2019 should be the Year of the Mushroom!!! I opted to make my own little Mycotae-inspired shroom-person a Morel since they're delicious and all the hell over my home state.

Flat colored because shading while drunk tends to turn out badly. :P

GO CHECK OUT MYCOTAE RIGHT NOW!!! :) You will not regret it!!!

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    AAHHH OMG that is so amazing!!! Thank you so much <3 I'm SO thrilled you like my art, and that I have inspired you for this! Mushrooms are deeply important to me and so so incredibly interesting, and sharing what I know about them makes me so happy.

    As an aside, I love your character so much, it's so original and the patterns/colors are just perfect.

    Again, a huge thank you for this shout out! You are amazing <3

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      Aw thank you! :D And you are most welcome, I'm so glad you like it!!!