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Anatomy of a Hybrid by Gratitude-Advocate

Anatomy of a Hybrid


~Subject M-19hrh

Name: Maxwell Horacio Blackburnadeaux

Race: Hispanic, Native, Dutch-Irish

Species: Raccoon/German shepherd hybrid

Age: twenty-nine (in human years)

Height/Weight/Blood type: 6' even/190 lbs./AB+ (note: ideal candidate for plasma/platelet donations)

Distinguishing features: excess physical scarring on left side of body, mainly chest, abdomen, shoulder and face. Left ear severed, fitted with leather patch. Left eye out of commission, covered by eyepatch. Capricorn sign tattooed upon right upper bicep. Piercings on nipples and navel. One SINGLE silver fang protruding from right corner of mouth; tooth #6 - canine (cuspid)

Hair/eye color: Dirty-blonde, dreadlocked/Brown

Physical traits/abilities: Telekinesis and organic combustion. When exposed fully, his left eye socket glows with an esoteric light that reflects his emotions (red for anger, pink for passion, yellow for fright, green for satisfaction, orange for confusion, etc.). When triggering telekinesis, the socket's glow brightens significantly, pouring rivulets of colored vapor free. As for the organic combustion, he possesses the ability to cause plants and flowers to blossom and bloom from any surface he touches. He can drag a hand-paw across metal and spawn a small thatch of tulips and carnations to grow with time-lapsed speed or he can clap his hand-paws together or strum the ground and force trees and bushes to grow wildly, similar to GROOT's special abilities.

Personality: Wild, unorthodox, insane, cynical, sarcastic, openly flirtatious, emotionally scarred from previous traumatic incidents in youth, slightly bipolar in which feelings can change from easy-going and optimistic to distraught and pessimistic in a spur of the moment - loves children/cubs/younger people since he relates to them easily. Can often be found in a rave or nightclub, wooing willing patrons.

Color palette scheme: Listed below bust-shot image.

Relationship: Single, with numerous acquaintances both of a friendly and of a sexual nature.

Occupation: Bass guitarist by day for grunge rock band entitled "Enim-Noinu", HIRED assassin and drug-runner by night - employed by anyone willing enough to seek out his services.

Image depiction © StarvinArtMajor StarvinArtMajor
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