The Fox and the Sea by Graowf

The Fox and the Sea

by Graowf

The Fox, he ran 'til the shore and the sand
he met on a gray twilight morn.
"'Tis the edge of the world! Why, isn't it grand?
I have found where Sky is born!"
cried the Fox to the whispering Sea.

The Sea, hissing back, chided and laughed,
"What a fool is the Fox on the sand!"
then soaked with a spray and a cold fuming draught
the Fox who shook on the land.
"Why," yelped the Fox, "would you do that to me?"

The Sea merely sneered, called him a name,
and dared him to dance on a wave.
"I trust you not, your come and go, nor your game,"
said Fox, "nor scent like a grave,
but what choice have I?" and in splashed he.

Fox paddled and swam and the Sea rushed out
and carried the Fox far away.
It dropped him near death with a thundering shout,
dripping beside a blue bay,
where the Fox sopped himself from the Sea.

The Fox merely sighed and looked far away
and his tail 'round himself he curled.
"I, once again, at the end of the day
am just a fox at the edge of the world,"
yawned the Fox to the whispering Sea.

The Fox and the Sea


28 April 2015 at 13:15:37 MDT

I wrote this last time I was on vacation at the seaside.

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    I freakin' love this. It's a poem that begs to be performed.

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      ^v^ Now that's a thought! The first stanza came to me standing on the beach. I almost jumped in the water, but it was December, and the air and the ocean were both quite cold. I thought it might freeze my fur, so I went back to the hotel and wrote the poem instead .....

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    seems like a wiser alternative :-)