The 2nd Anniversary by GoldenEmotions

The 2nd Anniversary


30 October 2016 at 06:50:41 MDT


For my dear Huskyluw Huskyluw

It's hard to believe that it's merely two years, seeing how it feels like a decade already. Never would I have thought to find such an awesome friend, someone who's brightening up my life like you do dear. You're just like the sun, full of love and light, giving the energy requiered to live to all that is surrounding you. You are the one who's warming up my heart, and who's bringing light into the darkness that tries to keep me captive. Never could I Thank you enough for all that you're doing for me, even if just merely existing in this same strange world as I do. Loneliness is what you took from me, and strength is what you gave me, making me be brave enough to face this world despite all my fears, knowing I have an ally and comerade never giving me up. It's your faith, your hope and your love that keeps me going the way I do. You make me shiver with excitement for the future, trembling like an earthquake from motivation, sparkling like stars from inspiration - never did the world seem so bright until I met you, never did I feel so strong. Just how can I Thank you? Just how can I let you know how amazing you are, without it feeling like an earworm to you from all the repeats? The only thing I know I can do is to stay your friend, trying to give you back all these amazing feelings you're giving me. Thank you so much for the fucking awesome 2 years we had so far, and man I can't wait for all the years ahead. Every day I'll be thinking of you, wishing for your happiness and wondering how to enrichen your life, just as I know you do for me. We won't be seperated by the forces of life. Never will I let go of you, my best best friend. Thank you so much for everything. I truly love you my dear Furball. ♥


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