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Identity Crisis by Goji

Identity Crisis


Is this really who I am?

When I was a little kid, maybe 14 years old, I had a major loss of identity, one I still haven't really figured out. I've always been impressionable and naive, always wanting to change myself to fit in with others better. My best (and only) friend at the time, the longest I'd ever had, from 6th grade through 9th grade, was a skater, and I tried to be like him. In retrospect, I was probably crushing on him, but this was before I realized about sexuality.

Three things happened that shattered my perspective of myself. 1) I had a really bad bail and hurt my leg. You guys probably know me well enough to understand that I don't react well to pain, and end up growing very skittish around the cause of it. It was a major blow to my self-confidence. 2) A group of skaters were roaming the neighborhood, and rather than go play with them, I hid, ashamed at how bad I was. 3) In 10th grade, my friend started hanging out with other people who did things that I thought was horrible, like vandalizing school property. We weren't friends after that.

Without my friend, I was totally alone, and my sophomore year in high school was the worst ever, with my junior year not being much better. My senior year was when I started really learning about furry and developing myself this way.

  snowaro did this for me, based off a really, really short summary of the above. My own mental vision was completely smacked down by what she created. This dude is just awesome, and I honestly don't make enough money to pay her what she deserves for her talent.

Expect more commissions like this one in the future, pics either references my stories or that have some sort of significance to me. I'll get the occasional fun one from, or for, a friend, but I think this is the direction I wanna go for now. I enjoy pics like this far more than the sexual ones.

EDIT: I still love skateboarding, even though I can't do it, and haven't done it in a long time. The experience I gained from it can never go away.

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